We’re not sure exactly why but the first time we traveled to Southeast Asia, it seemed like we were home.

Whether it was the history, the artwork, the hand crafts, the architecture, the food, the music & dance, the general culture or maybe just the wonderful people we’ve met there, we can’t seem to get enough.

Flower Hmong Market Girl Angkor Wat

So much has changed since that first trip (in 1981; probably before many of the readers of this website were even born) so other than the occasional reference to how things were in the “good old days” the bulk of posts on this website will be confined to the 21st Century beginning with a trip to Bali.

Our objective in publishing this website is to provide current and future travelers with unbiased information that are based on personal experiences of our own travels to Southeast Asia. You will find posts on some places and events that we would have hated to miss and others that we could have done without.

Note that the “country” page for each section includes a brief introduction or in some cases, our initial experiences when visiting that country. For example, on the “Cambodia” page is information on how we arrived by river boat into Cambodia via Phnom Penh.

If you click on any picture in this web site, you will be taken to a larger version on our Flickr.com web page where you can find lots more pictures that we just didn’t have space to include here.

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