Bhutan the Beautiful

Posted on October 5, 2012 by Margot

green cliff side painted carving

This has to be one of the most colourful countries on earth – the landscape with its steep mountain sides clad in every shade of green (alas we are not here in the rhododendron season); the style and ornate decorative motifs of the temples and the dzongs echoed in domestic architecturever he painted carvings in the cliff face; the prayer wheels – both those in the temples and those tucked away in the bends on the road, turned endlessly by the power of the water cascading down the mountain; the prayer flags flapping in their countless thousands on the high passes and any windy spot that you pass by; the rivers rushing over their rocky beds – there doesn’t seem to be a quietly flowing water way anywhere!); the rice paddies in every hue of green and gold; the little objects tucked up high on rocky ledges and the painted symbols randomly adorning walls; even the shop fronts in the towns, the shutters and the houses festooned with drying chillies. And of course … The beautiful people themselves!

mother & child-1 prayer wheel

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