Tango Bhutanese style

Posted on October 5, 2012 by Margot

Quite early in the piece we hiked up to the Tango temple just out of Thimpu. It was only a short distance but we climbed 300 metres from a starting altitude of about 2900 metres and I for one found it pretty tough going – not helped by still suffering from a flu type virus that I have had since a couple of weeks before leaving home. However like all such things, it was really worth the effort – the views were glorious and the temple and its community was inspiring.

hiking to Tango Temple Tango Temple

We were lucky enough to be there while the monks were undertaking a continuous 10 hour long prayer chant for a recently departed soul. Those who weren’t involved in the chanting were happy to chat and pose for photos as they went about their daily tasks, including the re-filling of the butter lamps (now made on purest Indian ghee). Even the temple dogs appeared to have the beautiful relaxed feel which imbued the whole temple!!

tango butter lamps tango posing monks

We descended from the temple to have a picnic lunch in a clearing in the woods, reached by crossing one of those previously mentioned rushing rivers via a beautiful covered bridge. Not just your soggy tomato sandwich, but a fully laid on feast, beautiful rugs spread out on the ground and to top it off – for the ladies a camping shower tent encasing a portable toilet seat with armrests. Mind you there was not toilet – you just peed on the ground, but you could sit and you did have privacy!

covered bridge riverside prayer flags tall 

All in all another great day, rounded off with a visit to a small factory where they make hand made paper and then a stop at some truly beautiful handicrafts, which I loved looking at, but none of which I succumbed to.

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