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When looking for a travel agent/guide service in the Inle Lake area, we found several very strong references for Ma Su (the familiar name for Ma Su Su Htwe), the owner of Century Travel agency located in Nyaungshwe.  We compared prices on some specific transportation cost and Century Travel was very competitive and we also learned their office was close to our hotel.  So the decision was made to work with Ma Su and a good decision it was.

Queen Inn bungalos Ma Su - Century Travel

Internet service in Nyaungshwe is not always the best so Ma Su sometimes took a couple days to respond to emails while in the planning stage but once we worked out our plans, everything went as expected.

In addition to local tours, we also booked transportation from the train station in Kalaw on our way to Nyaungshwe & to the Heho Airport on our way out of town.  The 45,000 Kyats charged for Kalaw to Nyaungshwe was significantly less than we had been quoted from other sources.

Ma Su is a charming and impressive lady and we were very fortunate to have her as our guide on our 2-days of lake touring.  She met us at our hotel and made the short walk with us to a canal jetty where we boarded our boat.  The boat captain she worked with on both days was very responsive to our photographic needs slowing the boat each time we approached the famous leg rowing fisherman of Inle Lake or even when anyone in the boat raised a camera.

MaSu dinner 2 On our 2nd day on the lake, we visited a local market and in the course of discussions and our sampling of market treats, Ma Su invited us to have a traditional Myanmar dinner on our last night in town at The Queen Inn, her hotel.  You can read more about that experience at Dinner with Ma Su at the Queen Inn (Scroll to bottom of the linked page.)

The price for touring with Century Travel was very reasonable and we enjoyed some interesting conversations with Ma Su.  We left Inle Lake feeling like we had made a new friend.

Queen Inn / Inle Lake, Nyaungshwe / TEL  081-209544 , 0943155510 , 09428349030 /

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