We love Bangkok. We love the food, the architecture, the shopping and the culture. And we love the people. While there can be a seedy side to some activities in the city and very occasionally you might encounter a few unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of tourists, the vast majority of our experiences with the people of Bangkok have been more than positive.


We’ve been to Bangkok during 5 trips to Southeast Asia with 4 of those since 2009. One of the reasons we have found ourselves there so frequently lately is that it is a good jumping off point for trips to other parts of Southeast Asia like Cambodia, Lao, PDR and Myanmar.  On one extended trip, we spent a few nights there, headed to Lao for 2-weeks before returning to BKK.  Then 3 days later, we headed off to Myanmar for 2-weeks and again returned for 3 mights before heading back home.

In addition to the international connections into and out of BKK, we have also picked up the first leg of our Bangkok Airways Discovery Airpass through Bangkok to other parts of the region.

Our description of Bangkok includes pages on:

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