Weaving Travels

Because of my wife’s special interest in textiles, on the majority of the trips we have taken, we’ve sought out weavers and weaving villages wherever we have journeyed. Even before she learned to weave herself; meeting the weavers and seeing fabrics being created brought her great joy and an appreciation of the weaver’s craft.

In many parts of SE Asia, weaving is an integral part of daily life and not some performance for tourist. While considered “woman’s work” in many places, many of the weavers we have met not only provide income to their families but also allows them a satisfaction that having such a creative outlet allows.

We’ve also noticed that typically, the weavers are the best dressed and most stylish ladies we encounter in villages of all sizes.

Some of the information included in this section is also available in our city by city section but is organized here by country under the heading “Weaving Travels.”

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