While it wasn’t the first country that we visited in Southeast Asia, we’ve now made more trips to Thailand and been to more cities there than any other country in the region.

  Royal Palace

Part of that is due to the practicality of using the new Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport (BKK) as a jumping off point for visiting other countries in the region like Cambodia and Lao, PDR. As an aside, BKK is one of the nicest airports we’ve ever seen anywhere in the world. Like most airports, prices are inflated but just about anything you want is available there and in general, it is a comfortable, well designed facility.

Of course there’s more to Thailand than the airport. IMHO, it’s worth a trip to Thailand just to eat the food. Not only is the quality of the food amazing but the prices you’ll see in most restaurants will be surprising inexpensive. Any visit to Thailand would be incomplete without eating the wonderful street food in Thailand. From morning till night, street food is plentiful, cheap and consistently safe to eat.

And there is so much more; the pleasing traditional Thai architecture, the historical and cultural attractions and the very friendly people.

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  1. Emin says:

    There are also the modern wetsern plastic garbage cans in Thailand, and I even took in Surat Thani. If my memory does not betray me, in that city the plastic ones are the dominate ones, but the classic ones are also still present. As garbage collection is one of the tasks of the local administrations, this can change from municipality to the next one.Andys last blog post..

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